About us

    If you have clicked on this page it means that you are interested in learning more about us, we are more than happy to do so!

    Montessori Games is a shop that sells products for big and small children exclusively online, created in the mid-2020s by a group of people, including mothers and fathers, who are interested in and care about the growth of your children, giving them the best means to learn while having fun, at home and on their own!

    Our group consists of 20 people and we are constantly expanding, we call ourselves a Family and we like to call ourselves Team Montessori Games!

    Our team is always looking for new products and new studies that will ensure the best learning method for your children, guaranteeing fun and teaching in complete safety!

    Montessori Giochi has satisfied more than 5,000 children all over Italy, France and United Kingdom in less than a year, making it one of the most visited online shops for buying toys in Italy! And we are ready to do better in this 2022!

    We currently sell throughout Italy, France and United Kingdom (including the islands) and plan to expand to many parts of Europe soon, such as Spain and Germany.

    How can you help us?
    Simple! Support our work and give your children the best learning games!